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Our Economy: "I grew up in our area and graduated from a local school in 2000. Since then, most of my classmates have left to pursue opportunities elsewhere. We must create a dynamic and modern economy that supports existing industries and attracts new businesses and entrepreneurs so that the graduates of the next generation have the option of staying here and building our future."

 -21st Century Infrastructure- We must invest in our broadband, roads,sewer, water, cellular, and clean energy infrastructure for to set the stage for future smart growth. Andrew serves on the Southern Tier East Regional Planning Board, securing federal grants for economic development.

-Strategic Planning: Andrew voted for new Strategic Plans for the Town and County to ensure smart economic growth that preserves our quality of life and environment. While on the Town Board, he also appointed bi-partisan Planning Board members and encouraged more Town attorney assistance to ensure a flawless and professional planning process, embraced by business. 

-Otsego Now/IDA: Otsego County should improve its relationship with our economic development agency. Our Town Board was an early supporter of the "single  point of contact" for County/Town development but the County has failed to get on board. The Board should set aside personal and partisan agendas, improve the appointment process, and support the strategic vision of improving Oneonta and Otsego County.

 -Nurture Existing Industries: The County should work to support the primary drivers of our local economy, which include education, medical care, tourism/hospitality, retail, and agriculture, food & beverage. Work with these stakeholders strategically.

 -Shovel Ready Sites- Support the County IDA's effort to create development sites in Oneonta to attract new businesses. The first IDA approved shovel-ready site was located in the Town and there are more opportunities. 

-Business Expansion- During Andrew's term there has been business expansion on the Southside, East End, and West End. This includes new businesses and the expansion or relocation of existing local business, including Brook's BBQ and Northern Eagle Beverage. 

-Education: Every year we lose thousands of high school and college graduates to "brain drain". We must invest in our schools and create a job pipeline for our future. These graduates should be our future local taxpayers, business owners, and civic leaders.


Our Environment: "The old Oneonta Town Board suggested that you

couldn't protect our environment and build the economy at the same time.

But the new Board delivered on our promises and showed the balance is

possible. I've seen the same false choice at the County level.

Let's bring our Town's example to Otsego County."

 -Fracking Ban- While on the Town Board, Andrew exercised the Board's home rule authority and finally banned fracking and the disposal of fracking waste in the Town in 2014. Town residents supported this ban by a 3-1 margin yet it had been blocked by the previous Board.

-Solar Power: During Andrew's term, the County built the first large-scale solar farm, supplying the majority of the County government's electricity.

-Protecting Our Water- On the Town Board, Andrew was the Chair of the Watershed Protection District Task Force, which drafted a law to protect public water sources, specifically Wilbur Lake, lower reservoir, and several Town-sited wells. The law was adopted in 2015 with residents' support. The Board has also worked to give Southside businesses and residents the funding and opportunity to create their own public water district, to resolve water contamination issues. The residents and businesses approved the plan in 2015. 

-Road Use Law- On the Town Board, Andrew voted to protect local taxpayers from the road damage created by irresponsible outside developers. This valuable tool is protecting the Town from possible damage in the event of pipeline developers passing through Oneonta. 

 -Pipeline Studies- Andrew authored a County resolution that would require New York State financed health studies for large scale inter-state energy infrastructure prior to project approval. This was designed to protect residents from the proposed Franklin Mountain compressor station. Andrew also voted against the Constitution Pipeline's route which relies on large scale corporate eminent domain and environmental degradation. The failure to mitigate environmental damage led to the rejection of a DEC permit for the project. This action has been upheld in Federal court.


Public Safety: "As an attorney who has spent my career promoting the rule of law, I take public safety very seriously. We must promote the interests of our community by ensuring the effective, equitable, and efficient administration of law enforcement and emergency services." 

-Professional Fire Dept.: 85% of our Town Residents approve of the current fire protection and Andrew fights to protect it. The Oneonta Town Fire Commissioners must work to negotiate the best deal for our residents while also preserving the 24/7 professional fire protection we have come to expect.

-Heroin & Opiates: Andrew supports increasing efforts to combat this crisis through law enforcement, treatment, and education. He has served on the County's opiate task force and supports the County's Drug Treatment Court. Andrew also supports the County joining a class-action lawsuit against the big drug companies who largely cause this tragedy. 

-Emergency Services: During Andrew's term, the County opened its new 911 Center and completed the emergency communication towers. Improvements have also been made to the 911 service, allowing for text message emergency contacts.

 -Sheriff Dept.: By and large, the Sheriff Dept. has hard-working and ethical employees but Andrew has grave concerns about allegations of misconduct in that department. No one should be above the law and Andrew joined the bi-partisan Board vote to investigate and address wrongdoing.

 -Susquehanna Animal Shelter: We only have one local shelter and it has provided an admirable and essential service to our County and Towns. County gov't needs to offer regular and predictable financial support.


Government Reform: "Four years ago, I ran for office because our Town Board was not representing the people. I've seen the same problem with the County. Too many politicians have forgotten who they serve. I promise to always place our residents first and to ignore the parties, personal, and special interests. We must work to make our government transparent, ethical, and accountable. Politicians are not a "special class" and are not above the law. Let's see a return to public service."

-Benefits: Andrew declines to receive all County health insurance, retirement, and travel benefits and supports reducing politicians' perks. Right now, most County Representatives receive generous health insurance benefits, even into retirement. At the same time, several have voted to endorse Congress's health law that would cost thousands of Otsegoans their healthcare and threaten our local economy and hospitals. These county benefits are absurd for part-time short-term public service and must be reformed.

-Misconduct: Andrew joined the bi-partisan effort to investigate misconduct in the Sheriff Dept. Nepotism, corruption, alleged threats against our schools, and workplace violence have no place in our law enforcement community. A transparent and impartial investigation ensures accountability.

-Ethics: Andrew supports Ethics Board and Nepotism Policy reforms.

-Public Transparency: Andrew voted to open up Board activities to the public. He voted to record meetings and to move meeting times to after-work hours to allow public attendance and allow more people to run for office.

-Term Limits: Andrew supports term limits for County Representatives.

-New Leadership: County government has been run by the same majority for decades and has had the current leadership for many terms. The status quo is not working and Andrew joined the bi-partisan 2017 vote for new County leadership. We need new people and new ideas. 2018 should finally be the year of change and reform.

-Cooperation- Residents are looking for cooperation between the parties.When Andrew was on the Town Board, it was comprised of 3 Democrats, 1 Republican, and 1 independent, all working together to get real results. Andrew has also joined the bi-partisan "reformist wing" of the County Board.

-Bi-Partisan Appointments- When Andrew was on the Town Board, it was controlled by Democrats but we reached across the aisle to find the best people to fill vacancies and appointed people of all parties, including:

-Trish Riddell Kent (R)- Town Board

-Dan Buttermann (D)- Planning Board

-Joe Camarata (R)- Planning Board Chair

-Kirt Mykytyn (D)- Planning Board

The County Board should abandon its highly partisan approach to appointments and legislating.


Taxes & Efficiency: "The cost of living and taxes always seem to increase in New York State and it can be hard to make ends meet, especially on a fixed income. We must work to make the government efficient and deliver the most bang for our residents' bucks."

-No Town Tax Increases- Andrew took a stand and voted against the Town budget when it called for increases he believed to be unnecessary.  He has VOTED AGAINST ALL TOWN TAX RATE INCREASES. 

-Respect Tax Cap- The County and Town Boards have not surpassed the tax cap. Andrew supports respecting the tax cap. 

-No Wasteful Spending- Andrew understands that the public trusts the Town and County to spend taxes wisely and has voted against wasteful spending, even when it put him in the minority. Andrew supports eliminating wasteful spending

-Against Town/City Merger- Andrew agrees with the majority of Town residents that a merger with the City would not be in their financial best interests and would likely lead to hefty tax increases with little benefit. He has resisted City overtures to consolidate but continues to look for ways to increase efficiencies between the two entities. 

 -Bed Tax & Sale Tax- During Andrew's term, the County has greatly increased the bed tax and sales tax collected from tourists. This allows Otsego County to keep property tax rates lower than almost anywhere in the state.

 -Reduce State Mandates- NY State mandates have placed a huge burden on the County. Andrew and the Board have pushed back and urged the state legislature to improve this imbalance.

 -Land Bank- On the County Board, Andrew voted to join a regional land bank that will allow Otsego County to access State funding to repair abandoned and derelict properties and return them to tax rolls, beautifying neighborhoods.

 -Tax Foreclosure- The County foreclosure process should be improved and Andrew supports gathering a blue ribbon panel to examine proposals.


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