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Press Release               Sunday May 17, 2015


Oneonta Town Councilman and Deputy Supervisor Andrew Stammel announced this week that he will be running this fall to represent the Town of Oneonta on the County Board of Representatives (District 4). Stammel plans to run on an independent line and last Thursday secured the unanimous endorsement of the Otsego County Democratic Committee to also run on their line.  

Andrew Stammel, 33, is a local attorney and business owner as well as an administrator at SUNY Oneonta. He is a life-long area resident, who was born in Oneonta and grew up in nearby Stamford. After college, Stammel served a year of full time community service with an Americorps program in Delhi, New York, before attending Syracuse University College of Law. He has also previously been employed at a Stamford law firm and has worked at the Delaware County Department of Social Services before starting his own firm. 

Retired County Representative Rich Murphy offered his endorsement and words of support. “Andrew has been fair, collaborative and aggressive in his desire to serve Town residents. As Councilman he has been an integral part of the budget process, the Watershed Protection Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Road Use Law. He has demonstrated an independent voter’s approach to all issues and he values rather than disdains opposing views. This impressive record makes Andrew the best candidate for Otsego County Representative,” Murphy said this week.

During Mr. Stammel’s time on the Town Board, much has been achieved. The Board moved forward many issues some of which were blocked or stalled by the previous Board, including approving the first Comprehensive Plan since 1998, supporting local economic development,
making important investment in infrastructure, banning fracking and the disposal of fracking waste, passing a road use law that protects local tax payers, and expanding access to clean and reliable water.

            “It’s been an honor serving Town residents and we on the Town Board are proud that we were able to work hard to deliver the results they’ve been asking for. Otsego County still faces a number of issues that haven’t been adequately addressed by our incumbent politicians. We
need new energy and leadership at the County level to get the job done. The County needs to engage in big-picture collaborative thinking to promote economic and infrastructure development while also preserving our unique quality of life. On the Town Board, we showed that we can collaborate across party lines to get real results for our residents, while remaining fiscally responsible,” Stammel says.

            Town Councilwoman Trish Riddell Kent also praised and endorsed Stammel saying, "This is my second year serving on the Oneonta Town Board.  I am very honored to be serving with each one of the Town Board members.  Everyone works hard weighing decisions and we always strive to do what is in the best interest of the Town.  Andrew exemplifies the finest service to our community.  He is a committed and dedicated worker who believes in transparent government.  He works extremely hard to follow through on the tasks that we were elected to fulfill.  I know that this will continue at the County level.  Andrew will be diligent in advocating for our County and our Town!  Andrew is fiscally conscientious.  He works hard to curb spending.  His hard work, dedication and commitment make him a fine candidate to serve on our County Board."

            Stammel was initially reluctant to run when asked to do so, given that his Town Board term is not yet complete. “Town residents elected me to do a job and I want to finish it. I truly appreciate the support of residents who urged me to run again this year and especially the support of Rich Murphy. The Town needs advocacy at all levels and I decided the best way to do my job of moving the Town forward is to help bring back leadership that’s been missing since Rich retired. Oneonta is one of the most influential Towns in the County and our representation should reflect that. Our Town Board is now in good hands and will continue to do good work.  If elected to the County Board, I will remain part of the Town team and active on Town issues. But filling this County position will give the Town a stronger link to the County and an advocate at that level, as well. The Town is best served when the whole team is working together and advocating for our residents,” Stammel said. 

Mr. Stammel is married and lives on the West End of Town. He remains active in the community, providing leadership in the Oneonta Rotary Club and the ARC Otsego Board of Directors. He has also volunteered or held membership in the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, Otschodela Council BSA, Orpheus Theatre, Hanford Mills Museum, and the West Kortright Centre. 

“Community service has always been an important part of my life and I look at these elected positions as an extension of that,” Stammel said. “I care deeply about our area. It’s always been my home and it’s where I decided to make my family, career, and business. We need to make sure that the leadership is in place and the right decisions are being made now to ensure a vibrant future for the
community we love. I appreciate having been given the opportunity to help move us forward and will continue to work hard and serve Oneonta in whatever way the
residents will have me. Working together, we can all move us toward that more prosperous future.”

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